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ten crucial records
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broken spindles' joel petersen's ten crucial records

Joel Petersen is Broken Spindles, one of those effortlessly brilliant musical acts that straddle the line between electronic music and full-fledged pop. With releases on Tiger Style and Saddle Creek as well as a spot on The Faint's line-up, Petersen has built himself an impressive array of credentials during his tenure on the scene. His unique amalgams of unconventional whimsy and crisply-designed melody have the propensity to hook even the most cold-hearted of listeners. Just make sure to use headphones.

Petersen took some time out of his day to write up this list of Ten Crucial Albums, culling a wide array of the old and new. Read on and listen up.



here are ten crucial records in my opinion in no particular order:

sonic youth - sister

super dark and creepy. a unique and specific recording. timely and timeless.

radiohead - in rainbows

they took a lot of chances with this one and it paid off. it really sounds like they are making this record for themselves and i love that.

quicksand - slip

my favorite rock album of all time and somehow they made that clicky heavy metal drum sound totally work. riffs!

my bloody valentine - loveless

i can't tell you how many times i have listened to this album, and i still get excited to hear it every time. this album changed music.

the beatles - all albums

the best written and smartest pop songs of all time.

fugazi - red medicine

this is when post punk got a bit more artsy and i love it. fugazi write some of the best song arrangements around and this album really showcases that.

pj harvey - is this desire?

she is a total bad ass. this album rules because it seems all the bullshit was stripped away. everything is important and nothing is wasted.

magnetic fields - i

amazing voice and equally amazing songs with clean simple production.

lockgroove - calm right down

i don't think anyone has heard of this group but i listen to them pretty much every time i mow my lawn.

nirvana - nevermind

typical, i know. but seriously this is a really, really great album.

these lists are funny, i think if i made one in a few months from now, it would be totally different.


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