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ten crucial records
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the declining winter's ten crucial records

The Declining Winter is Richard Vincent Adams, one half of the core of iconic Leeds band Hood. Last year saw the release of Goodbye Minnesota, his debut solo album, and it turned out to be an arresting doozy of a record that Indieville’s Matt Shimmer dubbed "a wistful, highly atmospheric expedition [...] that deserves to be heard by adventurous music lovers."

Boy it feels good to quote myself.

Anyway, Richard was kind enough to supply us with his list of Ten Crucial Records, spanning a respectable range of obscure treats and lo-fi gems. Ladies and gents, read on...



R.E.M. 'Murmur'

i suppose admitting to being obsessed by r.e.m. isn't the hippest thing to do these days but this is an album that really changed my life. put together with such rare skill and subtlety that it's often impossible to imagine how it came so fully formed and seemingly out of nowhere.

Crabstick 'Stud or Houseboy'

for those moments in life where only scratchy, strummy lo-fi pop about being young and stupid will do.

Fleetwood Mac 'Tusk'

the real experimental pop band....or at least they were on this album. the finest examples of kindsey buckingham's hair-brained studio adventures encompassing some lovely pastoral pop in between. if only all bands were this bold/fucked up on drugs not to care.

High Llamas 'Hawaii'

the beach boys' 'cabinessence' spread over 29 tracks. never has one basic idea been stretched so far or so beautifully.

Shoes 'Black Vinyl Shoes'

the original lo-fi...or....the best power pop record in the world ever. again more mad cap experimenting with the outer limit of pop by flaxen haired studio boffins.

Honey Tongue 'Nude Nudes'

an absolutely lovely, forgotten record by the breeders' josephine wiggs. acoustic guitar to the fore, lovely drumming. a big influence on the declining winter sound.

Richard Youngs 'Sapphie'

the most beautiful album ever made about the death of a beloved pet. youngs finally stops messing about & shows what he can do with beautiful songs stretched out to their limit, a lovely voice and thankfully no kazoo.

Kate Bush 'The Dreaming'

again it's wild experimenting with the pop format. how on earth was this made in 1981? the best first side of an album ever.

Prefuse 73 'One Word Extinguisher' / Boards of Canada 'Geodaddi'

i couldn't decide between them. two examples of artists at the top of their game - never to be repeated.

Havergal 'Lungs for the Race'

again i've picked a record that influenced the declining winter strongly. why more people didn't pick up on this record i don't know. a lovely dark brown chocolate voice a la kozelek, dry as a bone guitars strumming away, amazing homespun tunes. the lot.


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