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ten crucial records
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eddy current suppression ring's ten crucial records

Australia's Eddy Current Suppression Ring put all other rock bands to shame. "Spunk" might be one way of putting it, although when boiled down to its essentials, ECSR is all about high-octane, high-energy rock n' roll. Their sophomore album, Primary Colours, garnered acclaim and awards and all that jazz; however, the true sign of these folks' artistry is the fact that you can pick up any of their records, drop the needle at random, and feel the party explode out of thin air. Yeaaaahhhh.



Rod Stewart - Every Picture Tells A Story

If I had to whittle my collection down to 10 albums, there is no way I could not have one Rod record, and while I'd like to cheat and patch together an album from his first four and some late 70s stragglers, if I could have only one it would probably be this. Never a Dull Moment may be slightly more consistent but the high points on this are too high for me to live without.

The Turtles - present The Battle of the Bands

While there may be better records in the world, I find myself listening to this more than any other. The Turtles pretend to be 10 different bands in 30 minutes and still pull together a fluent and funny record with great playing, production and amazing songs. If I could steal "Get Away" off Wooden Head, then this would be my favourite album ever.

AC/DC - Powerage

Like Rod, I'd rather cull a perfect album together out of four of theirs but as time goes on, Powerage sticks out as the most consistent, every song a total winner. Awesome production before they went and Mutt Lange'd it all and messed with things.

X - Aspirations

Was a bit slow on this in my youth because for some strange reason, hits off this aren't blaring out of classic rock radio down here and while The Saints and (Radio) Birdman are relative household names, this album doesn't get the same regard on such a level. It just got beautifully reissued so hopefully that changes that. Amazing songs. Simple and trimmed of unnecessary fat. Definitely a big influence on us all in ECSR.

Tm 'Love' Lee - Just Call Me Lone Lee

A beautifully produced record. One that after eight or so years still sounds fresh and amazing to me. I was making a lot of bedroom 'trip hoppy' music at the time and this record just made me jealous as all hell for being so amazing. Every arrangement and instrument sounds so perfect.

I listen to the song sombre hombre pretty much every week.

Saints - (I'm) Stranded

Could go either of the first 2 but gotta always come back to this one. no bad songs, choice covers and one of the best guitar sounds ever.

Wire - Chairs Missing

Start to finish amazing. I'm astounded by the amount of ideas and strength of the songs, considering how close to Pink Flag it was. Which is great too, but damn, this record does every it wants to do perfectly. Every moment sounds like a genius idea.

Damned - Damned Damned Damned

A lot of the time for me, rock n roll records succeed or fail largely because of how well the production captures the energy of a band. Nick Lowe's production of this jumps off my record player like almost no other. It sounds so goddamn exciting. Songs are ridiculously great too, and they manage to make the Stooges' version of "I Feel Alright" sound lazy in comparison.

Dr John - Gris Gris

Blows my mind. Spooky, amazing production. While still good, none of his other records seem to quite hit me in the same way.

Redd Kross - Born Innocent

I had this on again yesterday and it seemed to make almost every other record I own seem silly and self-important.

This is perfect teenage spazz. I can't imagine this kinda shit ever being done better.

Apologies to Only Ones, Devo, Monks, Leonard Cohen, and the Troggs.


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