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drop the lime's top ten snacks

DROP THE LIME is known for making crazy records and hosting even crazier shows (I know, I've been). The guy's put out records on labels like Broklyn Beats, AD AAD AT, and most recently Tigerbeat6, so if you haven't heard his whirlwind take on hardcore techno (complete with his own brilliant vocals) you'd better hustle your finely toned buttocks through your screen door and down to the record shop. Just ahead is Drop the Lime's TOP TEN FRUITS, UNEDITED AND UNCENSORED !!! BEWARE !


1. marlon brando

2. lemons.
that tart kick that you almost hate, but love when mixed with other things. the best is making your own limoncello, a southern italian drink. soak the whole lemons in a jug of sugar and 99 proof alcohol for a week then throw the drink in a freezer and sip em with care.. with care. seriously.. its delicious, but its a kicker

3. blackberries
those thick pellety juicy ones. straight off the bush.

4. watermelon
with salt and pepper. no joke. ideally, put on some big band music, eat some seedless red and make ur buds kick in summer

5. white peaches
leave the fuzzy skin on. the white is like albino bright delicious

6. grapes.
seedless are the better. and white. its really the only fruit i can think of that makes a delicious alcohol... actually, no look at number 2.

7. limes.
yeah yeah.. i've heard it all before

8. bananas
they're good. frozen is what's up. and even frozen with chocolate over it... basically becomes ice cream

9. apples. granny smith.
sour and snappy. like your neighbors.. or even, grandma.. but u love them. the bright bright green ones are what's up for summer.

10. pomegranates
sooo delicious. but so annoying with the seeds and white inner rind
i love them, but after all that picking and sucking and spitting you feel conned.



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