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dj jester
This is the first in our series of dictionary interviews, where we close our eyes, open up a dictionary, and put our finger down on a word.  That word ends up being the topic of the entire interview, meaning that every question must, in some way or another, deal with it.

Our first victim... err... guest is DJ Jester, the critically-acclaimed turntablist who wowed everybody with his debut, River Walk Riots, and is now making quite an impression with his new band, the Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine.  But what fate lies in store for DJ Jester?  What word will the dictionary open up to?  Well, let's get out our old Merriam-Webster up and see what pops up...

And today's word is... "pie"

indieville: What is your favourite type of pie?

DJ Jester: I like Key Lime Pie because of that one Camper Van Beethoven album. Apple pie is good, too.

i: Has pie had an influence on your music? (use this as a segue into describing the history of your musical career)

DJ: Amazingly, yes. My parents were big pie eaters and I have countless memories of eating pie and them dancing. . .

i: When presented with a pie, how many pieces do you ask for? One? Two? The whole thing?

DJ: I like one piece, usually, and I take my time eating it. That's the best. I like pacing myself. I do that with my djing too. I should be way better than I am now skill-wise, but I'm just "pacing" myself!

i: Your new Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine project is certainly getting a substantial amount of critical attention, and rightfully so. In GELLM, you get to work with two other like-minded individuals. How was your relationship in working together; did you guys clash or did you fit together like the pieces of a pie?

DJ: Oooh. Good one. We fit together perfectly like pie. It's the most teamwork I've ever had in my life really. Most of them were Smarty's records. Quad Rod recorded it. I scratched on it and distributed it to the masses with help from some key friends like you. We haven't gotten one pie thrown at us (knock on wood).

i: On the new GELLM record, we get to hear you rapping on one song. Type up a little freestyle about pie. Come on, you know you can do it!

DJ: Pie, yo I can't lie
It's the reason why
I'm so fly
The ladies flock
to have a piece,
And like Ben Kingsley
I'm a Sexy Beast.
I gotta jet in this middle of this rhyme,
cuz my mom just said she bought some key lime.

i: Which movie was better, "American Pie 2" or "Pi"?

DJ: It's a toss up. That Shannon Elizabeth girl looked way hotter in Part 1, though.

i: Finish this sentence off: When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza ____. (Hint: It's three letters long and rhymes with "sigh")

DJ: Pie. Ha ha.

i: McDonalds poses the question of who you give your last french fry to. But, as we all know, a slice of pie is much better than a petty french fry. So I ask you this, who do you give your last piece of pie to?

DJ: Well, I would have to say my mom. She deserves it. Aw!!!

i: Being the type of DJ you are, you must have a number of obscure records. Got any good songs or sound clips relating to pie?

DJ: Dude, I don't - but you gave me something new to look for, though.

i: What's your favourite pie-related superhero?

DJ: 3 Stooges, of course. All of 'em. They used pie very well.

i: I think you need to mix country music with thrash metal on your next record. If I were to offer you an entire pie of any sort, would you create such a song?

DJ: Most definitely!!

i: Multiple choice. If a giant talking pie came up to you and challenged you to a fight, what would you do and why?

A) Fight back
B) Run away
C) Scream
D) Laugh
E) Something else?

DJ: I'd have to say A. Like I said before, "it's reason why I'm so fly."

i: What's your favourite colour for pie-filling to be?

DJ: Red. It just looks good.

i: How many digits of pi can you recite by memory?

DJ: Isn't it something like 3.14 or some shit? I'm horrible at math. It doesn't make sense to me. Neither did that critically-acclaimed movie, Pi. I didn't get it. . .

The Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine's new album, Introducing The Neat Beat, is available now from Midheaven Mailorder.

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