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mad monkey records
An interview with the legendary Mad Monkey label, purveyors of experimental electronica.

1) How did the idea of Mad Monkey start, and how did you get it off the ground?

We weren't happy with the status quo and someone told us that instead of bitching about it we should do something. So we did. And we got it off the ground with a little help from our friends.

2) How much did it cost to start it up?

A little over a grand, and several hundred hours.

3) Why Mad Monkey?

We are monkeys, we are mad, we like kung fu.

4) Where would one go to find the first two releases (the out-of-print ones) and what made you decide to make only 23 copies of the second one?

MMR01 -- it is out there --- look around on some of the smaller online stores and you are bound to find a copy. I know of one distributor in Germany that has a few... MMR02 Each of the cages took much time and effort to make. We wanted to give something special to those who helped us out early on...most were given away.

5) How did you recruit the musicians that are now on your label?

Through email -- some contacted us and others were contacted by us.

6) Any interesting/funny/weird stories to tell?

I dunno, perhaps cutting out inserts, drinking beer, at kinkos at midnight for ETM. Or our friend Nilla Wafa (aptly named by Neutral/Nicole) walking the streets of Chinatown with DHS asking random people for pirated DVDs on our off-time from sinfest.

7) Who drew the monkey on the "Enter The Monkey"?

A friend of ours named Joe Rabbit. He is a graphics designer for Origin.

8) What's next (ie. shows, releases)?

A new Neutral 12 inch called driving backwards -- this is a co-release with hymen records. And sometime in the future: a CD by ENE, the second Neutral CD and a new series of releases called circumvent. As for shows-- we never really plan those out, They just kinda happen.

9) What is the weirdest demo you've ever received?

I think we got a really bad rock demo once. I sampled the drum track...also, we got an email from a boy band.. need I say more?

10) Situation: A Sony executive comes up to you and asks if you want Mad Monkey to be a part of Sony. What do you do?

Are they offering Playstation 2's for all our artists? Seriously, there would be a lot of discussion between us and our artists. This is not a simple thing...

11) What is your favourite colour? yellow...

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