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the planet smashers
The Planet Smashers are an excellent ska band, from Canada, who are currently gaining recognition from all around the globe. I doubt they even need an introduction, though, as you probably already know about them! Anyway, Matt Collyer is their singer and guitarist, and we scored a short interview with him. Read on...

i: When you were growing up, what type of music were you exposed to?

My older brothers were into punk and ska in the late seventies like the Clash, Specials, English Beat, Sex Pistols, Ramones and even Elvis Costello. I knew the opening banter to Madness' "One Step Beyond" when I was two.

i: How did The Planet Smashers come together?

Ceco (the original bass player) and I met Dave (the original drummer, and now the bass player) at a donut shop. Dave was eating a donut while holding one drum stick - the only one he owned. He said he played alot. The horns joined by answering an ad that said "confirmed European tour, we're big in Belgium"....

i: How did you decide to make ska music?

At a house party drinking toooooo much with Ceco.

i: How has the recording process differed from your original self-titled album all the way up to "No Self Control?"

The first disk was done in Dave's apartment with 5 mics. It cost about 250 bucks and kinda sounds like it too. The new disk cost alot more but was fucking fun! We were in the studio for about 3 weeks working and trying new ideas. And we worked with Steven Drake - he did the Barenaked Ladies demo plus songs for Tragically Hip, the Odds and 54-40.

i: What is the question you wish all interviewers would ask (that I haven't), and what's your response?

How much? No comment.

i: What type of music is currently in your cd player/tape deck/turntable?

I just got a copy of the new Porkers record from Australia. And I just took out the new Bouncing Souls'll go back in soon.

i: What are your biggest influences?

Stuff like the Clash, Specials, Elvis Costello, the Jam plus older groups like Desmond Dekker, Toots and even new stuff like Samiam or Face to Face... and Duran Duran too.

i: As a collective, what are the bands' favourite colours?

Black.... no blue...

i: What's your personal favourite colour?

Red... no yellow.

i: How did the name "The Planet Smashers" come about?

At a party, somebody said "I kinda like the idea of cruising all over the galaxy crushing planets". I did say it was a party, right?

i: What's in the future for The Planet Smashers?

We're going to Europe this fall, then back in Canada for November. Australia and Japan are coming together for early 2002. I'm also trying to convince Mustard Plug and Catch 22 to do a tour in the USA - the return of ska... I want to call it the "Fuck California Tour". Dave Plugger is in.

i: Got any interesting stories for us?

When they check your area, the customs/immigration guards use a flashlight, and not their fingers.

i: Any final words?

Hmmmmm. A contest. First person to e-mail me at (e-mail has been removed; the contest is over) wins a free cd. Good luck! And it can't be the editor of this magazine. (Dang.) Or his girlfriend, or best friend. (Dang dang.) Or mom. (Dang dang dang.) Sisters are ok.  

(The Planet Smashers have released five albums, including their most recent one, "No Self Control".  More informtion is available from Stomp Records at


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