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issue two: february 16 2004
A look at this week's reissues and boxsets.


The Ocora label has released a seven-CD boxset entitled The World of Traditional Music.  From the press sheet:

"With this set of 7 CDs, Ocora presents an overview at its remarkably diverse collection of recordings of traditional music from around the world. Includes musical selections from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America." One disc each for: North Africa/West Asia (Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Azeraijan, Iran), South Asia (India, Pakistan), East Asia (China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan), Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, Burma, Cambodia, Laos), Arfica (Gambia, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Gabon, Zaire, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi), Europe (France, Belgium, Norway, Hungary, Rumania, Russia, Greece), Latin America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela). Includes previously released material from the Ocora vaults."


The Sundazed label has released three new reissues.  They are:

Bob Dylan's John Wesley Harding (on LP)

Roger McGuinn's self-titled album (on CD) - his 1973 solo debut after leaving the Byrds.

Roger McGuinn's Peace on You (on CD) - from 1974

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