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In a quest to inject more poetry into this dull, inartistic world of ours, we here at Indieville decided it was time to create an exciting new feature.  That feature is, of course, Celebrity Haiku, and it's an ongoing poem book of haiku poetry from some of our favorite bands, musicians, and record labels.  So let's open up the book right now and see what our first batch of contributors have written for us!

Haiku Contributor Number One: Everyone's favorite band from Arizona, Fivespeed!

I sure do like dogs.
But they get mud on my shirt.
Man, I hate laundry.

[Fivespeed are an Arizonan indie rock band who have an EP, a Sunset Alliance CD, and a three-way split with Before Braillie and Andherson out.  Their website is]

Haiku Contributor Number Two: The wonderful Fairburn Royals!

Oh Avril Lavigne
so young, so silly, so mad
wish i was 18

[The Fairburn Royals are an indie pop band from Athens, GA who have just released their new album, From A Window Way Above, on Two Sheds Music.  Their website is]

Haiku Contributor Number Three: Dave of bustling indie rock label Sunset Alliance Records!

death is serious
the lifeless skin peels away
but teeth always smile

[Sunset Alliance is an awesome indie rock label out of Mesa, Arizona, that has boasts such bands as Ticker Tape Parade, The Player Piano, Fivespeed, and Half Visconte.  The Sunset Alliance website is]

Haiku Contributor Number Four: The Cubby Creatures!

O cubby creature
you are always so busy
don't overextend

Ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Haikus are funny

i think it's funny
when they do the haikus that
have extra syllables

thou art the cubby
residing in all of us
potent creation

[The Cubby Creatures are an indie pop six-piece out of San Francisco, CA who have a new 7" out, which is available at their website:]

Haiku Contributor Number Five: Tennessee rock kings Glossary!

a new Glossary!
now Tennessee "feels so right"--
Randy Owen sings.

Tennessee darkens
March welcomes incoming lamb
if it means sunshine

Our town invites you
Murfreesboro's one landmark
huge cedar bucket

we love what we do
sometimes things happen for us
we work very hard

[Glossary are a rockin' six-piece whose first third album, How We Handle Our Midnights, has just come out on Undertow Records.  They also have numerous EPs and 7-inches in their back catalogue.  Their website is]

Haiku Contributor Number Six: Raoul of the fantastically DIY-minded Popgun Recordings!

cassettes get eaten
because cassette tape tastes good
i feed my Walkman

side A to side B
fast forward to the next song
reel to reel for real

care and maintenance
don't forget to clean the heads
four track in the bath

make me a mix tape
on your dual-cassette deck
viva analogue

[Popgun Recordings is a fantastic tape label out of warm Riverside, CA.  With a catalogue of more than 50 releases, it has become a major staple on the underground pop scene; Raoul, who runs it, has released a veritable cassette library that acts as a comprehensive who's who of DIY pop.  You can check out the Popgun website at]

Haiku Contributor Number Seven: The much-loved Songs: Ohia!

you motha fuckas
shouldn't expect x-mas cards
santa don't play games

[Does he really need an introduction?  Songs: Ohia, aka Jason Molina, has been releasing consistently fantastic records ever since his debut seven-inch on Will Oldham's Palace label in 1996.  Be sure to try out his most recent album, Magnolia Electric Co., which has just been released on Secretly Canadian Records.]

Haiku Contributor Number Eight: Niki Ortiz of the controversially-named (hmm...) Frenchmen!


Seafood restaurants,
why must there be so many?
No fish for me please.

Damn this stupid place.
The streets are so confusing.
Where is free parking?

At Sorry Charlie's,
it's like a David Lynch film.
Red lights, smoky air.

Cha Cha Lounge, cheap drinks.
John from 764-Hero
serves me beer, that's weird.

[The Frenchmen are a new four-piece out of Sacramento.  Ortiz, a haiku wizard, is one of the band's two guitarists.  These haikus were written on her recent trip to Seattle - ones from her trip to Portland will be included in the second installation of Celebrity Haiku!]

Haiku Contributor Number Nine: Kirk of talented indie poppers Calvin, Don't Jump!

fish mix with gas smells
near the bustling markets
chinatown, our home.

[Calvin, Don't Jump! has just moved to the wonderful city Vancouver, BC, but their album A Way With Birds is still available from Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records.  Be sure to check out their website at]

Haiku Contributor Number Ten: Urbandale, Iowa indie rockers The Argos!

Argos is a band
and not the CFL team
damn Canadians

Gary Coleman's dad
oh, he made us really mad
I say we kill him

hold me Laura Bush
okay now stop holding me
let's invade Iraq

[The Argos are a terrific indie rock outfit with one EP out and an album in the works.  Check out their comprehensive website at]

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