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The Dismemberment Plan

"Emergency & I"



Angular and clumpy, the Dismemberment Plan sound is one that improves with age.  While at first it may seem a bit awkward and dissonant, Emergency & I is that type of record that quickly secures itself a permanent spot in your stereo.  Fairly new to be deemed a "classic," it doesn't take one long to realize how fucking catchy the songs on this album can be.  "Memory Machine" is like a chewy glob of raucous robot rock, "You Are Invited" is bottled-up genius future pop, and "The City" is four and a half minutes of genius songwriting.  And that's only a small sample of the twelve geniusworks this record has to offfer.

So perhaps Emergency & I may not be the first album you think of when you're listing off musical classics, especially since its release date was just in 1999, but - you know what, man? - it's just so motherfucking good. 

Matt Shimmer

[Emergency & I was originally released in 1999]