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The unfittingly (yet completely fittingly) named Pixies are considered one of the most important bands in indie rock history.  When faces with their music for the first time, a listener is often baffled by them - their experimental minor key melodies don't always settle right upon first exposure.  However, the dark atmosphere and choruses quickly grow on you, and you soon find yourself humming the songs on your daily commute.

Tracks like "I Bleed" and "Hey" rapidly take over your brainspace and you notice that you're listening to them more and more each day.  Even years after hearing them, you still remember the melodies of "Wave of Mutilation" and "Gouge Away."  And the opener, "Debaser", still seems as potent as it did in 1989.  Over a decade old and still as wonderful as ever, Doolittle has had such a strong influence on today's indie rock scene that it would be hard to imagine how we would have survived without it.

Matt Shimmer

[Doolittle was originally released in 1989]