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Red Snapper

"Making Bones"


While many will debate its worthiness of being deemed an "electronic classic", few can argue that Red Snapper's beautiful musical journey hasn't has a powerful influence on the modern electronica scene.  Spanning too many electronic genres to count, Red Snapper teaches us a lot more about techno than any fish has.  Tracks like "Quicktemper" and "The Sleepless" tastefully combine Snapper's electronic beats and melody with rapping vocalists, and the exquisite "Image Of You" propels a female voice to pure cinematic soundscape bliss.  Meanwhile, Snapper's instrumental tracks offer a variety of moods and textures.  His talent for flawlessly combining intricate, non-synthesized instrumentation with complex beats comes out especially well on "The Tunnel", a jazz-injected piece of electro-Heaven.

While by no means the next Autobahn, Making Bones remains a modern electronic classic in its own right.

Matt Shimmer

[Making Bones was released on September 28, 1998]