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Three Dog Night

"Golden Biscuits"


Golden Biscuits is a classic in every sense of the word.  Right from the instantly recognizable starter, "One," you'll be inclined to sing along to this record.  While some tracks are better than others, everything shines enough to keep you thoroughly entertained, and there's no doubt that this will be on heavy rotation on your stereo once you muster up the courage to track it down (it's first and only release was in 1971, and since then the songs have turned up on various "best of" compilations, but there has been no reissue of the original album.)

Classics like "Mama Told Me" and "Eli's Coming" are surefire hum-in-your-head tunes, and "Your Song" was so good that it turned up on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack (although is that really much of an honour?)  While Three Dog Night are one of those classic bands that everyone seems to forget about (see: Zombies, America), there's no doubting that Golden Biscuits is a timeless rock album.

Matt Shimmer

[Golden Biscuits was originally released in 1971]