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What are Features?

Rarely updated and criminally ignored, these features comprise what may be the most interesting material on Indieville.  What are you waiting for?


Your only source for the most bizarre musical concepts ever realized. From CDs packaged in chocolate and socks to 381 songs in under five minutes, this is music's freak show.

Funny Band Names
"Chingy" may be funny, but Fallopian Breakdance has a better ring to it.

You Are The King!
Have a chance to show us how musically apt you are, and earn recognition and fame in the process!

Band Anagrams
Born out of loves of both
bands and anagrams.

Bargain Bin Booty!
Join our music hunters as they track down treasures in a world made of record store dollar bins.

Reviews of important and influential records in all genres - a great way to learn about a particular musical field.

Celebrity Top Ten Lists!
A relic from Indieville's early days, the humorous Celebrity Top Ten List section is a timeless classic.

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