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Bands can have some pretty funny names. Every week, we showcase one of these names on our front page.  These are the archives.

Fallopian Breakdance An aptly-named grindcore/metal band

Fuck (How inevitable was this? -Ed)

OOIOO A japanese band led by the percussionist of the Boredoms

Accidental Decapitation Through Masturbation A crazy grindcore band from Napa, California

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right BA Start A long-named rock band from New Jersey

Fickle Pickle An old sixties/seventies merseybeat band that did a better-than-the-original cover of "Maybe I'm Amazed" in their later years.

Phlegm Canadian indie popsters

ggtctttat Experimental noise sculptor from the stable

Ducks Deluxe Legendary pub-rock band

Beatles Ha ha!  Beat-les, beetles!!

The Hypnotoad Neat-o electronica outfit

Seagull Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her Japanese rock band with a great name

Melt-Banana Noise gone bananas that will melt your brain

The Cramps Punk classique

The Revolting Cocks Fun industrial rock stuff

*0  Minimal electronics from the Mu label

GONK Experimental electronics from Swarffinger Recs

Schlong A late eighties/early nineties punk band

Osymyso A fun indie hip hop outfit that incorporates pop culture samples into the music

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Techno pop outfit

The Ultra Fuckers Osaka garage punk


Dipstick Interesting electronica outfit on Weed Recs

Nasal Sex With Broken Glass

IIO Club-friendly electronica

The Factotums Old merserbeat

Tube Jerk Artist on the Sativae label of Britain


The Meatmen Old school hardcore band

spit Experimental electronic glitchist

Pinky Tuscadero's WhiteKnuckle AssFuck Thanks to band member "Flim Flam" for submitting this name!

King Uszniewicz and his Uszniewicztones Described by one critic as "the worst oldie band of all time"

Pen15 A rock band from Zanesville, Ohio

The Gerogerigegege The famed noise outfit responsible for Tokyo Anal Dynamite

Lucifigous Prick A rock band from Louisville, Kentucky

Jumpin' Beans and The Moustaches Sixties styled punk rock

Aardvark Spleen Some obscure band that probably doesn't exist anymore.

A Cat Born In An Oven Isn't A Cake I'm... not... sure.

Gee That's A Large Beetle I Wonder If It's Poisonous Some obscure band.

James, What Are We Gonna Call Our Band? A long-gone band.

Why Do You Keep Cutting Off My Hands? A long-fabled, ultra-obscure band.

Cervix Couch Just your average industrial horror rock band.

Nuts In Your Mouth A crude hip-hop group.

People With Chairs Up Their Noses An arty post-punk band from Australia in the 80s.

The Insult That Made a Man Out of Mac Electro band from Helsinki, Finland.

Shower With Goats A New Jersey pop-punk outfit from 1994-2000.

My Wife Was Breathing Just Fine When You Borrowed Her Some rock band.

Rats of Unusual Size Goof-punk out of Michigan.

THETEETHE A.K.A. THFTFFTHF, a weird rock group featuring members of Xiu Xiu, Deerhoof, The Curtains, and Tiny Bird Mouths.

Pelvic Meatloaf A local death metal band.

Vowel Movement Indie rock band that had a self-titled album out on Mammoth Records in 1995.

The Tortillas You Wanted Old local Ithaca band.

JFKFC  Band dedicated to the unfortunately named John F. Kennedy Friendship Center.

Pepto Dismal Ok, it isn't that funny.

Placenta Sandwich Tee hee.  Had to put this one here.

Touch Me Again and I'll Break Your Arms I believe it's a metal band.

Brad Sucks Hometaper extraordinaire.

Mermaid in a Manhole Industrial techno porno grind act.

Captain Obnoxious  Experimental noise act.

Willy Wonka's Sex Emporium Field recording act with a limited edition release of 16 copies out on the Lincoln Log label.

Titwrench Noise act extreme.

i dick m the f table Bizarrely named experimental act with lots of limited edition releases.

Al Roker Death Cult Wind Ensemble Noise/experimental live act.

|||  Noise artist.

Enbilulugugal Harsh black noise project with a few CDR releases.

Slop Cake With Guaranteed Katch Noise act with track on a Nauscopy comp.

Edith Bunker's Demonized Vomit Insurance  Experimental outfit on Nauscopy Records.

Sex Clark Five

Noose Ensures Survival Wants And Needs Old defunct noise outfit.

Drinking Coffee from Counselor Troi's Head Old band still chug chug chugging on Samsa Records.

Werm Gorefare Short-lived guitar / sax / drums and home-made banjo / cello from Boise.

chainsaws.and.children  A 'guitar-heavy techcore band' from Boston.

All Scars Orchestra Experimental guitar stuff from Italy.

Pop Culture Rape Victim Fantastic noise artist.

Unravelled Brown Cassette Tape Lying On A Freeway Bizarre found sound project on Worthy Records.

Cat Butt Old Sub Pop band with a record called Journey to the Center of Cat Butt. (Thanks to Doug!)

Skooter Brown and the Skid Marks A rock band from Rhode Island.

Tom Cruise Control Indie pop band from Norway.

The Buttplugs Not all that clever, but I'm reviewing something of theirs soon enough.

Elliot the Letter Ostrich Outsider synth-pop from Asaurus Records that Indieville will be reviewing shortly.

The Teeth Weirdo minor pop from the Deerhoof scene.

Pork Queen Harsh and calming guitar abstractions.

Unicorn Hard-On Experimental act on Quone tape label.

Rhinoceros Snot Psychedelic garage rock from 1968-1970.

Mystery Meat Obscure Illionois garage band active from 1967 to 1968.

Sand in the Face Mid-80s hardcore from New York.

Some Asian Female Bodybuilders Noise act.

Capgun Suicide "Its not the name of my band but its a pretty funny name I came up with one day... you ready?... Here you go... Capgun Suicide! Ha Ha there you go! All rights go to me Justin"

Pooh Sticks Legendary Welsh indie pop band headed by Hue Pooh

Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza Tennessee-based rock band on the Vacant Cage label.

DJ Shitbird Electroclash party whatever.

Smashed Femur Dance Party Providence noise act on Hospital Productions.

Spastic Colon Is and always will be the best.

AB/DC Club act on Armand Van Helden's latest mix.

The Blunder Children  Short-lived experimental rock project from Matthew Lewis and Patrick Thibodeaux.

Suckling Infants Network Underground noise act.

GRAVY TRAIN!!!! Eclectic Kill Rock Stars band

Male Slut  Experimental rock project led by Thurston Moore.

Your Favourite Horse Have a record out on Piehead Records entitled "I Would Close My Eyes But All I See Is The Massacre."

Genitorturers Tampa Bay based dark rock band (thanks to Paul).

Leather Feather A punk band

Inspect Her Gadget Guffaw.  All-girl punk/hardcore act.

It's OK, We're Chainsaws Noisy act.

Peter Mansbridge and the CBCs For all you Canadians out there; thanks Glen!

DJ Rotting Corpse Noise / grind / breakcore act

Bring Your Own Tomatoes Dirty south punk rawk


Human Piss Parade Grindcore act

Knife, Big Ominous digigrind outfit of Robert Pitts (DJ Rotting Corpse) and Adam Cooley (Scissor Shock), on the XDEY label

Dracula Does Calculus Side project of Adam Cooley (Scissor Shock) and Brandon Seeley (Ruinhorse), involved with XDEY Records.


Apocalypse WOW! Political fast punk band

Rubix Pube

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head Electro band out of Seattle

Soup Purse Solo project of wacky electro wizard Todd Dickerson

Moisten Before Use Longstanding electronic/experimental act with cassettes on the Fragment label dating back to 1984.

Mono Pause Longstanding experimental collective featuring Negativland's Peter Conheim, among others.

Razor Blade Jock Strap Californian experimental act.

Colon on the Cob Massachusetts hardcore band with releases on Butt Waxx Records.

Evil Anus One-shot grindcore act with a track on the 100 Way Splatter Fetish comp.

Gang of Pork One-off act with a track on Nauscopy's Video Games of the Twelfth Century comp.

Are you in a band with a funny name?  If so, just send the name here.

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