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"Free to Pee (on Me)"
off the Cock E.S.P. / Evil Moisture Monsters of Cock split 5"

"Look at that Horse"
by Us and Us Only, off the Dirgehead Distribution Company Compilation 2008 2CD

"O What Joy Is It To Know You Have A Turtle Heart"
by Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell, on Beyond the Black Crack

"Treat Her Like a Sailor"
[by Nisi Period, on 1992's Soon the Love Balloon Will Pop LP out on RRRecords]

"A Viscous Gesture From The Salad Tosser Manifesto"
[by Gastric Female Reflex, on the David L. Coria cassette on Beniffer Editions]

"Anarchy in the Ukraine"
[by That One Band, Butts Taking Craps split with Sockeye on Wheelchair Full of Old Men / Happy Corpse Records, 1994]

"Well, If the Right Man Comes Along... I Just Might!"
[by Sanskrit, on The Annoying Best, released on Wheelchair Full of Old Men]

"20 Thousand Miles Under Manure"
[by Destructive Explosion of Anal Garland, on the 100 Way Splatter Fetish compilation, released on Parkinson Wankfist Pleasures and Alarma Records]

"Holes (Not the Novel... or the Movie)"
[by Dilithium Tourdes, on Some Farts are Better Left Unsaid]

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