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May 17 2010

From Burak Sar's rapidly-growing SIS project comes two new records. The first is "Sceam," a tech-house gem out on Cocoon Recordings. This is the A side, built around maniacally sinister vocals, crisp 4/4 beats, and a minimal-cum-funky melody.


"Lola," out on Connaisseur, is more freely jazzy, populated with loose synths which bubble and frolic joyfully. Meanwhile, a tight four-to-the-floor kick is spanked by a foot-moving snare, making for a momentous but carefree bit of electronic goodness.


Both can be purchased in high quality at Beatport.

May 11 2010

I find this little nugget of minimal techno from Uto Karem, out last month on the Maschine Love EP, to be positively delightful. Long live the Plus 8 label.

"Black Jack"

May 10 2010

One favourite past-time of mine entails checking up on old musicians, bands, and producers who've put out classic records in the past, but have since fallen under the radar. For lack of a more inventive name, I dub this exercise Then & Now.

As it turns out, the annals of electronic music are especially ripe grounds for this sort of nostalgia. Perhaps mainly because on the vast electronic scene, producers are like pebbles on a beach -- painful on bare feet.

One genre I happen to enjoy is drum and bass. And one particularly memorable track is 1999's "Bacteria," by Ed Rush and Optical. Seriously, the evil basslines, the relentless breaks... this achieves exactly what a great dnb single should -- it renders the listener unable to contemplate doing anything other than getting up and moving around:


Recently I starting wondering what Ed Rush and Optical were up to these days, as I'm not enough of a dnb/neurofunk fanatic to keep up with such things. As it turns out, the duo, who go by Ben Settle and Matt Quinn in real life, have been steadily issuing records since 1997, primarily through their own Virus Recordings imprint. Their latest cut, a viciously slamming chunk of dnb carnage named "Crackball," just came out on April 30, and is worth a listen from any casual electronic music enthusiast:



May 7 2010

This one sort of freaks me out, but it's kind of too weird not to post here. Bristol's Dagger Brothers will haunt your dreams with their goofily terrifying vocals. Set to vague dinko disco. Opa!

May 6 2010

San Francisco's Stripmall Architecture don't reinvent shoegaze, but they do the genre fairly proud. This track is a lush, synthesizer-drenched stretch of female vocals and melodic sweetness.

May 4 2010

Here we've got some rather lovely, shimmering electronic pop from POPULOUS and Short Stories:


Elsewhere, obscure Chicagoans Panda Riot play a surprisingly interesting blend of dream-pop. I'd hesitate to call this song catchy, but it's oddly alluring:


Dirty Demos


Better known for his beautiful illustration work and breakbeat project Blackpepper, Dorset based artist Jason Kerley unveils a more experimental side with his debut album featuring 19 sound based pieces. Lovingly packaged in white digi-pack cases, hand numbered edition of 100 with a personal pen sqiggle on each by Mr Kerley himself, plus insert and label sticker featuring one of a series of 8 different designs.

dirty demos online

April 9, 2009

Worth a look:

Dust Wind Tales


"There comes a time when musicians search for new sounds and inspiration, taking paths that lead to new horizons. The time came for these two artists. Four beautiful collaborations feature on this cdr, each one twisting and turning through the minds of the End Springs and George Thomas. Good friends working together via the british postal service and the feathered warriors of the sky.

White faced 3" cdr packaged in a clear pvc case together with a cover featuring a feather from a british black and red chicken. Includes a small insert. (Edition of 40)"

dust wind tales online

905 Tapes


travels is the collaborative efforts of andrew kirschner (relentless corpse) and mike haley (wether). two tracks, assembled through the mail, of gut deep, seeping black waste. dark claws grabbing a hold of your jaw and ripping slowly.


sprawling eurodrone from the crystal p. duo of benjamin laurent aman and sean fergus barrett. dudes lay down some nightmare thick leeches over the body and party like its 1799, getting all the witchcraft out of ya and sending it into the night. a weird mixture of bliss, misery, and satin oscillation from the sub-sub-basement.


blown doors headed up to conneticut for some solid jam and hang time with the new england crews of the blade and the people. drank some brews, got toasty, then laid out the sounds at the weird diner in bloomfield, ct. each set caught on tape, along with some house party bonuses. numbered and limited to 17 copies, offered to the 905 mailing list only.

905.68: D/A A/D + NODOLBY SPLIT C92

all aboard cruise on the alien ship for an hour and a half cosmo mind ride. d/a a/d handles the low-end, analog rumble take off while nodolby communicates back to the home planet, full fledged warble style. fly high, get probed, wake up in the woods.

905 tapes online

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