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"A O" CD

Triple Down Records

Genre: indie rock, noise-rock

Brooklyn, NY

Jan 7, 2009

All things considered, Appomattox isn't a breathtakingly original or mind-blowing indie rock band. They are three guys - a drummer, a bassist, and a guitarist/singer - and they favour angular guitars and low-effort vocals. But it isn't the stock that makes the soup. Beyond the walls of predictable feedback and slack attitude lies a set of impressively solid songs. Given a few listens, A O unveils itself as a propulsive and infectious record, a gritty noise-rock scorcher that recalls past work by No Knife most overtly, but Archers of Loaf and Atombombpocketknife as well.

Anthemic "Either Way" will go down as one of the album's best songs; it's a momentous, slick rocker with an intensely catchy chorus and a glistening, twilit urgency. Equally colossal are "Again and Again" with its harmonized ooh-ooh chorus, and charging opener "Money From 10 to 4." Of course, A O isn't perfect - several tracks lack the melodic gleam of the record's most memorable moments (for proof, consult "We're Alright" or "Gotta Run"), while the lyrics play their role but certainly don't aspire for profundity. However, the band's spasmodic energy is more or less a constant, and even when these folks aren't on their game the songs tend to be pretty hum-worthy. Keep an eye on these guys.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2008]