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Dental Work / Eyes

Split CDR

Placenta Recordings / Nail in the Coffin

Genre: experimental, IDM, glitch

Michigan / Chicago IL

Jan 19, 2009

Information is sparse about this obscure experimental release, a split between lo-fi IDM/glitch obsessive Dental Work (born Jay Watson) and Chicagoan troublemakers EYES. As is the case with his previous efforts, Watson's first half is a chaotic whirlwind of gritty beats, abstract samples, and experimental textures. Reading over his gargantuan list of instruments (which include everything from a Super NES to a switchblade, as well as piles of music-related electronics), it becomes obvious that sometimes he tries to pack too many things into too few tracks. Still, his wild, improvised freak-outs make for a titillating experience in avant-garde hometaper sound - something akin to the kid-in-a-playroom possibilities seen in early cassette releases.

EYES, meanwhile, has a somewhat higher profile on the experimental scene, and its contributions are more focused and restrained. Still fiercely bizarre, the band approaches melody on electrocuted experimental rocker "We Went Lemons Now We Pyramid," and goes for a hypnotic, tangled haze of abstraction on atmospheric "It's Creeping Up."

Splits are a tricky thing, resting somewhere between the exploratory value of a compilation and the cohesion of an album. This charming release is ultimately worth a look, although only the most adventurous of ears need apply.

dental work's myspace / eyes myspace


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2008]