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Faux Fox

"All That Remains" CD

Exo Records

Genre: post-punk, new wave, electro

Texas, USA

Jan 15, 2009

Despite calling Texas their home, Faux Fox have outsourced their latest record to Australian label Exo Records. Meshing post-punk, electro, and new wave, they create slick, melodic songs steeped in a sheen of cool. Indeed, these folks are so trendy they're likely to make you want to vomit - their Myspace is entirely in uppercase, this record's cover depicts a ghost with lasers coming out of its eyes, and they're obsessed with eighties synths. All they need is the word "wolf" in their name and an all-neon wardrobe and they'd be set to take over the world - or at least the smarmy, ironic part of it.

Fortunately, behind all their hipness and verve, Faux Fox have put together some decent songs for this nine track fiesta. Culling influence from Yello, Gary Numan, and Joy Division, they carve infectious post-punk tunes out of new wave vocals, shady synths, and dancefloor beats. "Class Ring," for example, is equal parts The Eurythmics and The Sound. "Secret Stallion," meanwhile, makes special use of corny synthesizers, and haunting "Brass Ring" is a gripping electro pop anthem with a distinct Human League influence.

When all is said and done, these guys remain startlingly true to their influences despite all their irony. The result is a record that sounds straight out of the eighties. The tracks are notably tight and there are some mean melodies, although some more overt hooks would have made the record a tad more memorable. As it stands, Faux Fox has produced an interesting new wave record with a dark, nearly gothic atmosphere. It's worth a look.

faux fox's myspace


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