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Home & Garden

"Domesticated" CD

Om Records

Genre: house, club, chill-out

Chicago / New York City

Jan 27, 2009

Home & Garden's Tim Kvasnosky and Timothy Shumaker have long been involved as dance producers, designing of some of our generation's most ubiquitous Billboard club hits. However, Domesticated marks their first attempt at creating a full-length album on their own. The result is a smooth and heavily melodic selection of house tracks and chill-out cuts, well ornamented with the contributions of several veteran guest vocalists. Although guilty of several obvious filler songs (“Endless Pieces,” “Wanna Walk Away,” “Braille”), Home & Garden have pulled off a respectable number of potential singles here. They aren't rewriting any books, and you may be tempted to call this by-the-numbers club music, but the majority of this record is characterized by excellent production and well-designed compositions.

The two strongest singles are undoubtedly “Domesticated” and “Sunday Morning.” The former, featuring vocals from Derrick Carter, is a funky pop anthem with a chorus that's instantly internalized; meanwhile, “Sunday Morning” is an obscenely infectious feel-good track that succeeds on virtually all levels. Also sublime are slick disco-house single “Easy Going Down” and delightful “Body & Soul.”

As “Easy Going Down” suggests, Domesticated is a great club record that is easy to digest. Although unlikely to change the face of dance music as we know it, this is still an excellent selection of house and chill-out music that will please dancefloor addicts and headphone jockeys alike.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released September 2008]