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Various Artists (remixed by Eraritjaritjaka and Animal Machine)

"Kif Soup" CD


Genre: harsh noise, experimental

Masovia, Poland

Jan 7, 2009

To explain - this is a remixed version of both volumes of kifrecording's ten seconds compilation, which culled ten-second segments of sound from dozens of different denizens of the harsh noise scene. Although a few 'bigger' names pop up, the majority of the contributors to the compilation are hideously obscure - bizarrely named solo projects who have popped up on the occasional CDR split (at most). Meshing the disparate sounds together are Eraritjaritjaka and kif boss Animal Machine, and they've done an excellent job of transforming this abrasive attack into an unquestionably cohesive whole. What makes Kif Soup work is the variety of sounds that are employed - since this culls source material from such a wide span of places, it becomes an impressively substantial work of abrasive experimentation. However, the 'cooking' done by the prime remixers makes it less abrupt and random than your average microtrack compilation. Ultimately, this is worth a look for noise fans - after all, can you ever have too many Polish 3 CDRs in your collection?

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 1 track, distributed by the label, released 2008]