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Lonely Boy

"Lonely Boy... and Other Tragedies" CDR

Series Two Records / Filthy Little Angels

Genre: lo-fi, indie pop, twee

Sweden & Norway

Jan 7, 2009

To begin, we'll sort out some of the paperwork. Lonely Boy is comprised of two folks. Originally from England, Antony Harding lives in Sweden and handles the musical components of this affair - he writes and performs the songs all on his own. Meanwhile, Norwegian Eyvind Kirkeby takes care of the lyrics and is also responsible for the artwork that supplements the release (don't get too excited: they're stick figures). To complicate things further, Lonely Boy was originally released in the UK by the Filthy Little Angels label, but my copy comes courtesy of fledgling American imprint Series Two, which is rapidly amassing a prolific discography.

The result of all this collaborative tomfoolery is a set of eight acoustic pop songs. Quaint and simple, they feature sweet melodies executed by Harding's cute vocals. Like most indie pop micro-releases, Lonely Boy has its foundation in basic melodies and a respect for brevity. This entails either snippy little twee ditties ("Girls and Love," "Lonely Boy") or sadder slow songs ("Between the Lines," "World's Resume"). "Seaside Sorrow" is probably the most polished song, with charming hooks that exude shades of Rufus Wainwright and Eels.

Although it may not be anything spectacular, this is an EP's worth of solidly-written melodic indie pop. I can see many people finding this music pleasant, and even humming along if given enough exposure. However, only dedicated twee enthusiasts will really connect with Lonely Boy.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, distributed by the label, released June 24, 2008]