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The Mezcal Brothers

"Go Go Rhythm" CD

Spinout Records

Genre: rockabilly

Lincoln, Nebraska

Jan 7, 2009

From Nebraska's capital comes The Mezcal Brothers, who have been pounding out their distinct brand of energetic rockabilly for seven years now. Impressively, Go Go Rhythm is the band's fourth album, and it is a tight, rollicking disc with a fun atmosphere and some impressively memorable songs. Gerardo Meza's sublime vocals work wonders on chiming "I'm Gone," while "Border Patrol" is a cheery anthem that'll get your feet moving in no time. Also great fun are fiery "Firecracker" and infectious, Elvis-influenced "Foolin' Myself." Go Go Rhythm is a great rockabilly romp with many singles that hold up on their own. Perfect for parties or just brightening up your Monday morning jaunt to work, The Mezcal Brothers are guaranteed to add a skip to your step and a smile to your face.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the label, released April 2008]