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Night Artery

"Capsize Your Surroundings" CDEP

Cinematical Records

Genre: rock, pop/rock, alternative rock

Melbourne, Australia

Jan 27, 2009

Night Artery's lone member, Ross Arundale, is responsible for the melodramatic rock music on his Capsize Your Surroundings debut EP - something that is especially impressive because this record sounds like the work of a full band. Hence, I must congratulate Arundale on his remarkable mastery of overdubs - but ultimately I find this disc a tad flat. Despite all the instrumental dynamism, the passionate vocals, and the compositional elaborateness, this is a surprisingly unmemorable record. "Cinematic Shards on the Permanent Way," this EP's most successful song, is its best asset; in fact, it's a pretty solid song, with a riveting charge behind it and a downright infectious melody. However, "An Act Ill-Informed of Returns" and "Glass Corners" show potential but ultimately end up rather blasé. "Nerve Endings," meanwhile, is the sort of sentimental ballad that gets wedged into an average alternative rock album to "add depth" – effective but unspectacular. It's clear to me that Arundale has a wealth of production talent and some serious potential as a pop/rock songwriter. However, more consistency and a few risks will make his next release that much more engaging.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 tracks + 1 hidden, distributed by the band, released 2008]