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THe WitHouts



Genre: rock, power pop

Toronto, ON

Jan 12, 2009

Fem-fronted melodic rock is the name of the game on THe WitHouts' debut EP. Fortunately they make up for their appalling use of capitalization by way of their infectious, radio-friendly sound. Produced by prolific Toronto producer/musician Ian Blurton (Blurtonia, C'mon), this brief five-tracker is a far poppier record than might be expected. Veruca Salt, Elastica, and Letters to Cleo are familiar points of reference for this vaguely punk-infused power-pop act. The production and songwriting are well-polished, leading to immediate melodies on "Down & Out" and "Blackout." Cherise Burda's voice carries the songs admirably well, and everyone else handles their part solidly. These songs certainly don't rewrite any books, but they are fun and fancy-free, with choruses made to hum. I'm not sure what type of market exists for music like this, but it's nice to know there are still people putting together solid power-pop music.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2008]