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The British Columbians

"Self-titled" CD


Genre: rock, blues-rock, country rock

British Columbia!!

Feb 27, 2009

Call me crazy, but sometimes good ol' rock music just hits the spot. These bluesy British Columbians know how to make spirited, melodic songs and this self-titled debut is a solid release as a result. I find myself singing along to several excellent cutlets of skilled country-rock on this record, including raunchy "Bye Bye Marie," uplifting prairie ballad "By and By," and chant-along anthem "Hail to the Rising Sun." This is saloon music if I ever heard it, fine barn-hop tunage inspired by Western Americana but somehow still distinctly Canadian. Perhaps that's just my wishful patriotism seeping through, but I am certainly glad these guys hail from my home country. They aren't rewriting books, but they've added a damn fine footnote to the chapter on bluesy country-rock, and you'd be remiss not to consider that admirable on its own. Cut these folks some slack for being derivative - they know how to write a mean song, and in this day and age that's something to be proud of.

NB. Pay special attention to the divine closer, a wonderfully mellow slow song by the name of "Going Out On Town" - in all its triumphant glory, it might be their best.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 tracks, distributed by the band, released Sep. 18, 2008]