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Coin Gutter

"Pigeonless" CD


Genre: glitch, experimental elecronic

Vancouver, BC

Feb 6, 2009

Vancouver's Coin Gutter is a collaboration between two laptop wizards who have taken loads of source material and converted it into these 9 glitch tracks. These are atmospheric soundscapes of the experimental electronic variety, heavily abstract but still often rhythmic and even melodic. The static microbeats and electronic hums of "Zero Article" and "Locution" are distinctly Mego-esque, bridging the gap between Fennesz and Goem. Meanwhile, "Third Conditional (for V)" and "Minimal Pair" make use of pretty, blossoming drones, giving the proceedings a dark yet ethereal quality that's both haunting and unnervingly beautiful. Pigeonless is at is best on "Anadiptosismeiosis," an eerie electric death march that's uniquely accessible. I'm less enthralled by clicky/cutty "Antimetabole" and "Unvoiced Fricative," although their prickly rhythmic adventures may appeal to the less melodically inclined listener.

A lot of self-released experimental electronic releases have the propensity to be flagrantly self-indulgent and incredibly unlistenable. On Pigeonless, Coin Gutter melds abstract avant-garde-ism with a concern for the audience. The result is pleasant surprise.

N.B. Pigeonless is available for free download on Coin Gutter's website. Take a gander!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2008]