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Self-titled CDR

Series Two Records

Genre: indie pop, twee

Stockholm, Sweden

Feb 27, 2009

These folks know their stuff. Sweden's Springfactory create unadulterated indie pop songs that will addict you immediately. With a lush exuberance akin to Norway's Loch Ness Mouse and earlier brethren The Sea Urchins, they make these lo-fi gems feel like full out anthems. For example, "No More" and "Stingy Friday Afternoon" fly by in a haze of clean guitars and sweet vocal melodies. Meanwhile, record-best "As Winter Gives Way to Spring" is an unconventional, Softies-esque nugget that's an absolute delight to behold. I hasten to compare these folks to The Cardigans, but Springfactory's springy melodies and adorable vocals have an undeniable similarity to their compatriots. Fans of twee pop and the Sarah Records scene will be pleased to discover that the genre is still alive and kicking with Springfactory. This is the best I've heard from the superb Series Two label so far.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2008]