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Textured Bird Transmission

"Blazing Animal Faces" CDR

Dead Sea Liner

Genre: drone, noise, ambient

Weymouth, UK

Feb 27, 2009

I'm only just learning about the Dead Sea Liner label but I'm really starting to like it. This sterling release comes packaged in a hand-painted cover whose acrylic droplets have been molded into vein patterns. Musically speaking, Textured Bird Transmission's Blazing Animal Faces is a hazy experiment in dream-drone, cautiously treading the line between ethereal bliss and a more odious, dark ambience.

There is a strong sense of mystery to several of these compositions, including David Lynch-esque "At Night, Nature is in Mourning for the Loss of the Sun" and dense, hypnotic masterpiece "Black Holes Have Eaten the Sky." Meanwhile, strangely organic "Dawn Such Abyss" provides a tremendous endpoint for the disc, burying a pretty piano line in sonic fog before diminishing into nothing at all. Drone enthusiasts should take a gander, as this inspired CDR release fits well alongside some of the bigger names on the scene. Textured Bird Transmission doesn't challenge any genre conventions, but nevertheless Blazing Animal Faces is a solid ambient album perfectly calibrated for eerie walks down desolate ghost town streets. Leave it to this anonymous entity operating out of Weymouth to produce a record that's both profoundly organic and eerily post-apocalyptic.


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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the label, released April 2008]