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Self-titled CD

Hovercraft Records

Genre: indie rock, noise pop

Arnhem, Netherlands

Mar 16, 2009

Lo-fi quirk-pop emanates from Dutch indie rockers Autorace, who have produced a substantial assortment of strange songs on this self-titled debut. The line-up includes several members of acclaimed pop band Furtips, and the connection is evident in the band's inevitable commitment to pop hooks. Consider the hearty ba-ba-bas of "Bubble" or the determined melody of "Cyberchrist". Or even the chaotic yet catchy noise-rock of "Pretty Azure Dreams of a Flower Disease." Still, the band's eye for dissonant noise-rock guitars and unconventional song structures results in an album that will only appeal to the more experienced listener. As well, not every song succeeds on the melodic front, meaning a considerable portion of the record's value comes from its jagged noise-rock style. It's sort of like sitting in on the jam session of a more dissonant version of Pavement - not every song is a hit, but there's still plenty to write home about.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 16 tracks, distributed by the label, released Dec 1, 2008]