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"Family History" EP

1928 Recordings

Genre: indie rock, jangle pop, garage-punk

Michigan, USA

Mar 12, 2009

This bass-heavy indie rock nugget comes from Brooklyn's Browns, and boy is it a rough-around-the-edges slab of inspired glory. Six tracks make for a pretty small sample size with which to form an impression, but if Family History is any indication, these guys know how to put a mean song together. Opener "Forgotten Son" throws jangly guitar chords and a lackadaisical vocal part over a throbbing bassline, resulting in a damn fine Feelies knock-off that builds into a soaring chorus. More Feelies-esque needling comes from "For The Saints" and the Beat Happening-esque guitars and Malkmusian vocals of excellent "Two of You". Sadly, "Salesman" and "Dreamers" don't quite compare to the disc's better moments. The men behind Browns have obviously heard Crazy Rhythms a few times, but they approach their songs with more of a punky energy. As a result, Family History is an interesting blend of jangle-pop, garage-punk, and good old fashioned indie rock.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released Feb 23, 2008]