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Canon Canyon

"Sit Down and Listen" 10"

Rural Wolf Records

Genre: Americana, alt country, rock

Tacoma, WA

Mar 30, 2009

From Tacoma, Washington comes this appealing work of Americana-themed country-rock. Sit Down and Listen is an attractive 10-inch out on the aptly named Rural Wolf label (who also put out the solid Destruction Island album), and what a fine collection of songs it is. These three musicians are unassuming yet talented, particularly adept at crafting joyfully melodic rock songs.

Frontman Cooper's husky vocals are perfectly calibrated to the gritty Americana of this record. The instrumentation (guitar/drums/bass, what else?) is equal parts Modest Mouse, Uncle Tupelo, and Wilco, providing a solid, working-class atmosphere to the proceedings. "Sit Down and Listen" (as well as its prelude) is an exemplary song for Canon Canyon - it effectively balances country-rock sandpaper with impassioned melody, resulting in a strong composition. Also sterling are memorable "Unwanted Heroic News" and infectious "Sunny Mornings". With this one slab of vinyl, Canon Canyon cements itself as a band worth keeping an eye on; meanwhile, the Rural Wolf label is gradually making a name for itself as a fine purveyor of Washington State indie rock.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the label, released Oct. 10, 2008]