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Chris Sprague

"Diesel Made For Two" CD

Spinout Records

Genre: country, truck driving music

Van Nuys, California

Mar 13, 2009

Yes, Diesel Made For Two is a collection of trucker songs. I shit you not. Awed by the "truck driving music" of early practitioners Red Simpson and Del Reeves, Sprague set out to record an homage to the obscure country music subgenre. Diesel Made For Two (subtitled "18 Wheelin' Truck Drivin' Songs!") is the sum of those efforts, a hefty collection of upbeat anthems and twangy ballads - including a medley of originals and cover versions.

The overall effect is somewhat repetitive - after all, eighteen songs about trucking is, well, quite a few songs about trucking. However, there are highlights - superb cover "East Bound and Down" is downright infectious, while "What's Your 20?" and invigorating instrumental "Speeding Truck" are worth several listens. On the other hand, the formula does have the propensity to wear thing. "Let's Get Drunk and Truck" sounds straight out of the Trailer Park Boys, but despite its spirit (and questionable moral bearings), it ends up considerably blasť. Meanwhile, soppy ballad "Pray For Your Daddy (He's a Trucker)" and "This Old Truck" are simply cookie-cutter country songs, pulled off skilfully but without inspiration. Such is the case with much of Diesel Made For Two - it is has been pulled off very competently, but it's lacking that extra something that would push it from a novelty record to a fully satisfying album.

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[Vitals: 18 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2008]