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EL Heath

"A (Rather) Dead Sea Liner" EP

Dead Sea Liner

Genre: drone, avant-garde, ambient

Shrewsbury, UK

Mar 30, 2009

This nautically-themed EP is the brainchild of Eric Heath (aka EL Heath the L stands for "Loveland"), a solo drone artist operating out of Shrewsbury, UK. It is a brief but satisfying artifact of which only seventy copies exist, and each comes packaged with a page from a book on ship navigation. The music itself is gentle, listenable drone that incorporates organic instruments as well as electronics. The results range from movingly eerie (the chilling hum and piano strokes of "Felixstowe Sirens (Sing to You)," the stormlike urgency of "Yar She Bellows") to more warm and welcoming (the beautiful folk-drone of "Bees'" and the hypnotic sheen of "Waves 'Goodbye'"). The songs, though abstract, do evoke feelings of being out in the middle of the ocean a sort of pure, foggy ambience that at once refreshes and mystifies. This is a strong EP, although it should be longer!

EL Heath's myspace


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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, limited to 70 copies, distributed by the label, released 2008]