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The End Springs / Donato Epiro

"Winds of Dust #1" split CS

Dust Wind Tales

Genre: acoustic instrumental folk

Essex, UK / Pisa, Italy

Mar 6, 2009

From Dust Wind Tales, we get a brief yet charming acoustic instrumental split, limited to sixties copies with each one thoughtfully hand-painted. As I understand it, this was originally poised to kick off a whole series of cassette singles, but the project has been left in limbo ever since it came out. Either way, it's an endearing little treat from the impressive Dust Wind Tales camp.

Expert guitar plucking courtesy of The End Springs populates side A, recalling the work of John Fahey and Steffen Basho-Junghans. Ethereal streams of bali bamboo flute have been added to lend the composition a mystical quality, while the guitar part itself is soothing in its repetition. Side B is home to Donato Epiro's track, which lovingly treads the line between folk song and freeform improvisation. It is a more chaotic composition than its tapemate, coming off with an increased sense of urgency as well as an eerier appeal. This tape may be short, but it certainly leaves an impression. This is great stuff from the instrumental folk underground.

the end springs' myspace / donato epiro's myspace


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 tracks, distributed by the label, released April 2008]