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Ogo Dys

"Neptune Everywhere" CD

Cosmic Pancake Productions

Genre: prog-rock, experimental


Mar 30, 2009

This insane prog-rock experiment is quite the doozy. Either Ogo Dys is brilliant, or just flat-out bonkers. The work of Ogo Dys's sole member, Magnus Lundberg, Neptune Everywhere is a bizarre journey that culls influence from just about everywhere. On these nine tracks, Lundberg is most influenced by prog-rock, but he also manages to touch on surf ("Purple Artillery"), thrash-punk ("Conspicuous Lid of M.A.N.," "Fumes of Pods in Heat,"), experimental sound collage ("Hot Coco Luftwaffe"), and even a bit of digigrind ("Fumes of Pods in Heat"). As a result, Neptune Everywhere is a tad on the less cohesive end of things, but it is still an unarguably engaging and exciting record. Whether it's "traditional" prog anthems like "Sugar Plum Feromones" and whimsical "Neptune Everywhere" or the chaotic joy of quixotic "Conspicious Lid of M.A.N.," this disc is a consistently fun, carnival-esque journey. The jarring, nine-minute finale is the disc's only sore spot; it is a lengthy, self-indulgent cacophony that comes off as a nightmarish walk through a crowded subway stop an interesting experiment but one that's nearly unlistenable. Still, it's tough to complain since the rest of Neptune Everywhere touches on pure, mad genius.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2008]