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"Their Quasi-Homes are Real Holes" digital release

Everest Records

Genre: experimental electronic


June 3, 2009

Mysterious, eerie, and mesmerizing, Hopen's Quasi-Homes makes for a provocative soundscape that will leave you breathless. It's difficult to describe this strange assortment of samples, synths, stray electronic rhythms, and abstract sounds, but holding it all together is a bizarrely unified vision. We see glimpses of Aphex Twin warped melody ("H," the synths of "Under the Theaters"), tape-label calibre free improv ("Ejur," the latter two-thirds of "Hi 4.5"), and strange, field recording heavy digital manipulations ala solo Mika Vainio material ("Hint," "Bread"). As mentioned, it is difficult to define this release but a joy to experience it. One can consume Hopen's music in the same way one might digest a release by Boyd Rice, Nurse With Wound, or Pan Sonic. Clearly, this isn't for everyone, but as pure atmospheric substance, it's more than intriguing.

hopen's myspace

Xyrbyx Ralph

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released Oct 10, 2008]