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Sweet Sweet Concorde

"Life in the Canopy" CDR

Series Two Records

Genre: lo-fi, indie pop, bedroom pop

Orebro, Sweden

May 14, 2009

Life in the Canopy, a spur-of-the-moment project by Sweet Sweet Concorde's Anders, is more or less your average lo-fi bedroom pop album, although it is astoundingly catchy given those parameters. At just under thirty minutes, it whirs by in a delicious breeze of drum machine rhythms, lulling guitar strokes, and joyfully summery melodies.

Admittedly, Life in the Canopy is a niche record due to its DIY recording conditions. Although the songs wield impressive hooks, it may only be the 4-track faithful who truly appreciate them. Still, these are simple yet sophisticated compositions that are built for whistling along to. "The Picnic" is boppy brilliance, "Superman Song" is Elliot Smith-esque soul whisked with a summer breeze, and "Armadillo Man" will have you doing somersaults in your living room. As might be expected, not every track hits the mark on this album, but as is often the case with releases like this, half the fun lies in the joy of discovery. Can Swedish pop do no wrong?

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youuuuuuuutube!: "the picnic" video

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, ltd to 300 copies, distributed by the label, released Nov 26, 2008]