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Kam Hassah

"This Forest" single-sided LP

Dokuro Records

Genre: noise, drone

Vittorio Veneto, Italy

Jun 22, 2009

Italy's supreme Dokuro label brings us a twelve-inch slab of single-sided vinyl, housed in a beautiful, silver-on-black silkscreened cover and limited to 100 copies. There's no sense in denying it; this is deep, industrial drone noise a single, dense and seamless composition that will drag you, nails last, into its hellish inferno. Although Kam Hassah has put out a slew of CDRs and cassettes on labels such as Middle James Co., Second Sleep, and Heretic, this is the first release of his I've encountered, and I'm completely sold. Simply put, the world needs more dark and dense noise, and This Forest brings the goods. This senseless chaos hits with the rush of a polar ice storm, like the sound of harsh wind abrading recording equipment. Amid the noise one hears sparse glimpses of sound haunting echoes, digital scrapes and scratches...

Of course, the beauty of This Forest rests in the atmosphere and emotion it evokes. It is equal parts evil and the unknown. I'm always impressed by the way certain noise and drone artists are able to elicit potent feelings out of little more than abstract sound, and this record is no exception. With the lights down and an open mind, Kam Hassah's dark, grungy noise makes for a sinister treat.



Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 1 track, distributed by the label, released 2009]