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Sarah Hethcoat

"Nobody Likes a Bully" CDEP


Genre: singer / songwriter, pop/rock

Los Angeles, CA

July 2009

Sadly Nobody Likes a Bully seems to be more about make-up and eyeshadow than music. Yes, Sarah is an aesthetically pleasing individual - as the front cover, back cover, and inner sleeve of this EP make adamantly clear - but musically speaking, this is more or less a poppier Sheryl Crow minus the content and originality.

Well, I shouldn't be too harsh. Producer Dave Cobb has done a lovely job on the lead single, "I Got You," which matches Hethcoat's vocal spunk with a startling psychedelic sixties backing track. A swell moment on an otherwise blasť affair. "I Hate You" is the other kicky track, but Hethcoat doesn't sell it; the result is pithy and frustratingly limp. Meanwhile, the EP's latter three tracks fall into bland ballad territory - somewhere between adequacy and mediocrity. "A New Day" is respectfully catchy, but even its lush hooks don't separate Hethcoat from the herd of poppy singer/songwriters.



Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, released 2008]