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Shearing Pinx

"Offing Futures" CDR

Frequent Sea Records

Genre: no wave, experimental, noise rock

Vancouver BC

June 15, 2009

Vancouver's Shearing Pinx have left a trail of releases behind them since their inception in 2005; if we go by Wikipedia, there are over fifty tapes, CDRs, and records to their name. The majority of these have been issued through singer/guitarist Nic Hughes' intensely prolific Isolated Now Waves imprint, although several other usual suspects also turn up upon a run-through of the band's discography - DNT, Not Not Fun, Arbor CDR, Turgid Animal, and so forth. I suppose what I'm driving at is that Shearing Pinx are one of the more established no-wave/noise-rock bands out there, and I am more than a little embarrassed to report that Offing Futures is the first release of theirs that I've listened to.

This CDR is divided into two tracks. The first is a twenty minute improv epic called "Undo My Type," which reveals the band's more experimental and abstract side. Following a bit of foreplay, the track jumps right into a dense wall of feedback noise, mechanical gurgling, and eerie, echoed moaning. The more you listen to it, the more you notice things deep in the mix; indeed, although the overwhelming impression is one of noise and chaos, there is a remarkable variety of things going on in this track, lending it an unpredictable and constantly metamorphosing sound. Later in the track, the sound becomes increasingly less noisy, eventually concluding on a delicate and natural note.

Track two is a recording of the band's live show for Smilin' Jay's Happy Hour, a radio program on Alberta's CJSR. This is more conventional noise-rock - you know, actual songs, with somewhat intelligible vocals, drum rhythms, and even what might be referred to as melodies. The sound is an interesting mish-mash of the noisier aspects of Sebadoh and Archers of Loaf crossed with punk-rock attitude and scrappiness. It's still far from a Tommy Roe single in terms of accessibility, but tracks like desperate "Knifefall" and the dissonantly intense "Dry Bones"/"United Queendom" tandem are seriously solid bursts of weird rock energy. Taken together, both of Offing Futures' tracks are uniquely perfect for long walks through industrial junkyards.

[Comes in a neat cardboard sleeve with a glued-on print, and includes a typewritten track listing insert. Limited to 99 copies.]

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 tracks, ltd to 99 copies, distributed by the label, released 2009]