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Israel Nash Gripka

"New York Town" CD


Genre: singer / songwriter, alt country, folk rock

New York City, NY

October 2009

How many inoffensive folk-rock, "adult alternative" artists can this world support? Sadly, Gripka brings us nothing we haven't heard before - his style is starkly reminiscent of that of Ryan Adams, Jack Johnson and their ilk, crossed with a vague classic rock flare and a noticeable alt-country angle. The songs are competently written and produced, with many a fine melody; the real issue is that the music scene is already saturated with budding singer/songwriters, and Gripka provides nothing groundbreaking or particularly original on this rather lengthy, twelve-song album.

With that said, Gripka can be commended for the strong melodic composition found on many of these songs. "Evening" packages a perfectly hummable melody in a downtrodden, Neil Young-esque sound (see video below). Breezy "Either Way" (dig the falsetto) and passionate "Bricks" also boast respectable hooks. Still, this record's disappointingly generic nature imbues much of the proceedings with a sense of "going through the motions." In an industry flooded with this sort of fare, Gripka will face an uphill battle trying to separate himself from the hordes.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by CD Baby, released February 17, 2009]