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"Motion in Mind" CDR

Bocumast Records

Genre: electro-pop, IDM, electronic

Denver, CO

October 2009

Ethereal in a sort of mid-90s IDM "chillout" compilation sort of way, Iuengliss' Motion in Mind is an intriguing sort of self-produced album that links electronic production with dreamy bedroom vocals. It can be pretty nifty stuff at times, drawing inevitable comparisons to The Notwist, The Books, and even The Orbital. Lone orchestrator Tom Metz has got a great sense for visual design, evident both on the album art and his live performances (see video below), and his music conveys a similar sense of digital collage-ism.

Like many a self-produced album, Motion in Mind boasts moments of greatness amid an inconsistent supporting cast. Consider "Sunrise," which has a grandiose epicness to it - its powerful synths and floating vocals make it one of the disc's best moments. Also noteworthy is the stellar "Dark Mix" of "Say Goodbye," with its drastic, urgent chorus. Other songs are clearly made of great ideas, but lack a polished togetherness that would take them to the next level ("Worth a Million," "Another Time").

Overall, Metz's production work shows excellent polish and terrific potential, and his shoegaze-steeped vocals complement the spacey compositions perfectly. However, it is apparent that this could have been a tighter and more cohesive effort had he allowed more time to expand on his sound and work out the kinks. Although a career in obscurity could be a statistical probability, I would not be surprised if, in time, Iuengliss became the next big thing in electronic music.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by Bocumast, released 2009]