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Plans Plans

"Col. Williamsburg" CD


Genre: art rock, experimental rock

Maryland, USA

October 2009

At times, it really sounds like Plans Plans are on to something with Col. Williamsburg. Jerky, extravagant instrumental "Birds of Prey" is balls-out fun in a sort of Pell Mell meets Don Caballero way, while the vaguely psychedelic opening of "Within a Hart's Heart" is strangely rad. Sadly, though, the majority of this album falls flat. In all their attempts to be arty and unconventional, the people behind Plans Plans have created an uninteresting record that lacks personality. The emphasis is on the instruments - several of the tracks don't have words at all - but the band's brand of off-kilter guitar high jinks quickly forfeits the listener's attention. When there are vocals they are uninspired, offering nothing to better the album and often sabotaging those songs with potential ("Dream Troll," abysmal "One to Grow In"). Maybe things would be improved if even one of the band members could sing with any sort of tunefulness instead of just talk-chanting senselessly. Sadly, even the record's high energy mantra doesn't salvage this affair - enthusiasm can only go so far, and it in no way saves this effort. In their attempts to be interesting and experimental, Plans Plans have recorded an album that few will choose to sit through.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 14 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2008]