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"In Dreams" 3" CDR


Genre: drone, experimental, minimal

New Jersey

October 2009

Italy's Dokuro label truly knows how to put out a release, and this beautifully packaged three-inch CDR is no exception. Recording under his admittedly pretentiously-named 2673 outfit, Kevin Winter has fitted this disc with one twenty-minute composition, based around the foundation of a slowly metamorphosing electronic hum. Despite its minimal nature, this composition is a tense and enrapturing listen, recalling the work of artists on the Mego and Raster-Noton labels. Follow the drone, and you'll end up transported to an entirely different place. It's a strange sort of experience. Feast your ears on a buzz, which builds in intensity to a hum before collapsing into a pervading static thrush. As it wears on, the composition builds to an unsustainable urgency, but beware of the impending precipice... I'll say no more. In Dreams is an appropriate title, not because this puts you too sleep - by contrast, 2673's electronic drone is the stuff of waking dreams.

2673's website

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 1 track, ltd to 40 copies, distributed by the label, released 2009]