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Amazing Baby

"Rewild" CD

Shangri-La Music

Genre: indie rock

Brooklyn, NY

October 2009

Although they hail from Brooklyn, these folks have been listening to some serious Pulp. Rewild is like a modernized, slickened-up rendition of His N' Hers, with vocals strangely akin to Jarvis Cocker's, and a melodic urgency that takes you right back to mid-90s Sheffield.

But this is a more contemporary sound. An abridged Pulp, and an Americanized Pulp. The stellar - even interstellar - production grips you by the shirt collar the moment the record lifts off, whisking you into a world rife with serious reverb and thick, dense composition. Consider dire "Dead Light," a multilayered affair that sounds like the soundtrack to a drug-fuelled montage through neon Las Vegas - even a weak bridge doesn't interrupt the song's impressive energy. Then there's the pulverizing one-two punch of freakishly infectious "Bayonets" and glimmering "Invisible Palace," and the positively cosmic "Headdress," which may be the album's most memorable single.

There's no denying this is an engaging - hell, enrapturing album, with plenty a hook to catch onto, and more than a little atmosphere to get lost in. The band wisely keeps things interesting by injecting some well-needed variety into the latter half of the record, in the tribal wyrdness of "The Narwhal" and the 80s synth-pop of "Old Tricks in Hell." By the time the epic machismo of closer "Pump Yr Brakes" rolls around, you'll be thoroughly spent - in a good way. With Pulp-esque verve and melody, and spacious production straight from the book of U2, Amazing Baby are, like their titular spectacle, well worth a look.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2009]