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Ans. Andur

"Kiletron" CD


Genre: indie rock

Viljandi, Estonia

October 2009

It takes a few listens to grip onto Ans. Andur's Kiletron, although ardent examination reveals solid hooks. The lyrics being entirely in Estonian added to the intrigue (as well as some approbation) associated with this album, though the band's musical influences are less exotic - I hear shades of the Crunchy Frog label here, as well as indie rock/pop mainstays R.E.M., Pavement, and the Feelies. If the label's press information is anything to go by, these folks are a fairly big deal in their home country, and although Kiletron is a bit inconsistent, it certainly has the personality and songwriting necessary to secure a local fanbase.

It is difficult to isolate the "better" songs on Kiletron, because the album as a whole is so eclectic. Juicy "Melodraama" boasts a mid-90s, grungy chorus that's pretty memorable, while "100" and its pretty synth backbone comprise the record's most convincing pop song. Also notable are the Beach Boys-y harmonies and mannerisms of twinkly "Sügisene meloodia" and jazzy "Suhkur." Kiletron may require some amount of acclimation for North American audiences, but it is still a refreshingly unique addition to the indie pop/rock canon.

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(not from this album)

Michael Tau

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released April 1, 2009]