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Back in Judy's Shack

Self-titled EP

Series Two

Genre: electro pop, lo-fi


October 2009

With an obvious affinity for electronic pop music ala The Postal Service, two piece Swedish bedroom act Back in Judy's Shack compose pretty little songs that are pleasantly lo-fi. The formula is fairly simple: vocals laid over acoustic guitar, synthesizer melodies, and electronic rhythms. The method works admirably on catchy "Breath," thanks to an irresistible bass line, as it does on quirky, trip-hop infused "The Forest." Truthfully, however, this is a significantly unpolished affair, and several songs may not quite be ready for primetime. The harmonies on "Burning Cold" are haphazard and far too quiet in the mix, and "Winter Days" is sweet but frustratingly insipid. This release is unflinchingly quaint, but lacking in oomph - as a result, Back in Judy's Shack is too inoffensive to deride, but too mild to recommend.

N.B. Johan Cederberg is one half of Back in Judy's Shack; read our review of his last album here.

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Michael Tau

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2009]