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Lack of Eoins

"Echo Group" CD


Genre: indie rock

Viljandi, Estonia

October 2009

Echo Group is an unexpected blip on the otherwise excellent Seksound discography. Lack of Eoins haven't created a full-out sinker here, but I find this disc lacks the immediacy and atmosphere seen on the Estonian label's other records. These eleven tracks explore the indie rock terrain pioneered by Archers of Loaf, Superchunk, Silkworm, and Minus the Bear. Their songs show impressive scope, cleverly toying with rhythmic and melodic convolutions; however, the delivery is sometimes off. Consider opener "Sonics" - it's got a neat melody, and merges math-rock and pop sensibility admirably - but the performance lacks punch; the vocals need more force, and the instrumentation and production would benefit from being much tighter.

What's unfortunate is that I really dig what Lack of Eoins is attempting here. They have a unique sound that harkens back to nineties indie rock, and their songs have clear hooks, even if they aren't executed all that convincingly. Heck, several of these songs work out fairly well - spacey "Practice Makes Perfect" has a nice sense of expansiveness, while "I've Got Some Numbers" (see video below) is sufficiently momentous, if a tad long. Still, there's an undeniable sense that this record could have been so much better had the production been more polished. I'll be keeping an eye on these folks - they've got the ingenuity down, but perhaps time will roll out their sore spots.

lack of eoins' myspace

"I've Got Some Numbers" live

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2009]